Bill of Rights

After you have read the Terms of Use, the Members Bill of Rights are effective upon becoming a registered member.

Bill of Rights

Postby Site Administrator » Sun Oct 02, 2011 10:36 am

Members Bill of Rights

Article I: You have the right to be treated with respect, courtesy, and good will.

Keep in mind, however, that everyone will not agree with your sense of respect, courtesy or good will. Certain areas of the forum may feature disrespect, discourtesy and ill will as a matter of course, because they are havens for those who may have lived a different life style and their experience may differ greatly from our own. Should you find yourself in such an area and you feel you have been shown disrespect, discourtesy, and ill will, you may want to extricate yourself from said area posthaste and ask the nearest Global Mod or Admin, "What is wrong with those people?" It just may be that you wandered into a neighborhood bar and didn't notice the signs were different.

Article II: You have the right to your privacy and freedom of speech.

Keep in mind that the statements, posts, and photographs you Post here, on this private forum, are in the public domain and that we reserve the right to Edit. However, multiple user registrations are not allowed and duplicate accounts will be permanently disabled.

Article III: You have the right to debate, discuss, argue, commiserate, and interact with like-minded and unlike-minded members.

You also have the right NOT to debate, argue, commiserate, and interact with those same individuals, so if you make a mistake and are called on the carpet, save us all a lot of hardship - take a giant step backwards and take it off-line. It generally takes two to have a fight and he (or she) started it first is so not kool, and definitely not an excuse. If there is a case when someone fights with themselves, it can actually be amusing, but just warn a Global Mod or Admin and let them handle it.

Article VI: You have the right to seek help, advice, and guidance.

Keep in mind, however, that this forum is a part of the Internet and is provided for your enjoyment. It is not intended to provide you professional counsel or medical advice. Hopefully we will be able to provide references to the many forms of self-help and professional help and you should endeavor to get your medical help and legal advice elsewhere.

Article V: You have the right to due process. In the event of disciplinary action that's been levied against you, you have the right of appeal.

To that end, if your member status has been changed to "Posting Rights Suspended", you still may log on, review posts, send and receive PMs, and register an appeal. You may PM a Global Moderator or Administrator and state your case, or your may send an email to [email protected]. The facts will be reviewed and a judgment reached. If your case is substantiated, you will be reinstated in full. If our procedures are found to be lacking, we will take corrective action to clarify them. If the disciplinary action levied against you is reviewed and found to be justified, however, it will remain in force to its conclusion.

In all cases, the facts will be posted in the forum for all to see.
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