10-22 The .22LR isn't just for plinking

10-22 The .22LR isn't just for plinking

Postby SparkyJeff » Fri Oct 23, 2015 7:40 pm

I love the .22LR.

The plinker went to war: The IDF’s Ruger 10/22

http://www.rugertalk.com/The-plinker-we ... -Talk.html

Ever since their beginnings in 1948, the Israeli Defense Force has had to think outside the box to come up with weapon's systems, therefore it shouldn't surprise you that for the past 20 years the Israelis have used a (much-modified) 10/22 for use in both special operations and in security operations.

(A gently modded 10/22 with IDF forces in 2000)

The background

Going back to 1987, the IDF purchased a quantity of Ruger 10/22s for use by security forces in the Palestinian Intifada, a violent uprising in the West Bank and Gaza Strip that led to a number of deaths on both sides. Hallmarked by rock throwing, molotov cocktails, and slingshots by the Palestinians (backed by the PLO, Fatah, the Popular Front, the Democratic Front and the Palestine Communist Party), no less than 60 Israeli military and police were killed by 1993.

This led the Israelis to go a bit harder from rubber bullets and tear gas-- the traditional less-lethal tools of the age, and use .22LR rifle fire aimed at the legs of armed intifada participants, as a next step. It seems it's hard to keep your motivation to throw rocks with a 40-grain round in your shin.

The guns used by the IDF at the time were standard wooden-stocked 10/22s modified by the Italian firm of Sabatti with a heavy bull barrel encased by an integral suppressor that looks all the world like a 6 D-Cell Maglite. Drilled and tapped for a full-sized Weaver base, the gun was given a 4x optic of various manufacture and a Harris-style adjustable bipod forward.

(Use of the 10/22 always seems to be in conjunction with other soldiers armed with M16, Tavor or Galil rifles)

It's not known just how many of these guns the Israelis picked up, but they have been widely seen in the West Bank and Gaza for the past two decades.

Their use, however, was controversial an in 2001 they were ordered restricted from use as a "less lethal" weapon.


More at http://www.rugertalk.com/The-plinker-we ... -Talk.html


The Ruger 10/22 is a fully suppressed 0.22 caliber semi auto sniper rifle with a 10 rounds rotary magazine.

In 1987, the Intifada – the Palestinian uprising against the Israeli regime in the Occupied Territories – broke out, and involved mass violent clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinians protestors. As a result, the Israeli security forces needed a weapon with a more potent firepower then the standard riot control metal covered rubber round, but at the same time less lethal then the standard issue 5.56 mm round of the M16/Galil assault rifles. So the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) searched for a 0.22 caliber accurate rifle that will be used to take out the key protest leaders by shooting them in the legs.

The Ruger 10/22, fitted with a X4 day optic, a full length suppressor and a Harris bipod was selected for this role and was due to be issued to all infantry oriented units, including both special and conventional forces. However, as often happens in the shoestring budget IDF, financial problems prevented the weapon’s mass distribution, and it was mainly issued to Special Forces (SF) units. Moreover, instead of using the rifle as a riot control weapon, as originally intended, the Israeli SF deployed the Ruger 10/22 more as a “Hush Puppy” weapon used to silently and effectively eliminate disturbing dogs prior to operations.

more http://www.ruger1022.com/docs/israeli_sniper.htm

http://mondoweiss.net/2011/01/another-m ... -palestine
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Re: 10-22 The .22LR isn't just for plinking

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Too bad they can't find any ammo........
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